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  • Schwules Museum 2015

    Die aktuelle Installation "Ahnen" im Schwulen Museum, Berlin. Vom Entwurf zur fertigen Installation - der Arbeitsprozess:

  • Visitor, Ahnen (Ancestors) nGbK 2014

    Ahnen (Ancestors)

    “Ahnen (Ancestors)” does not follow any biologi(sti)c(al) order. The root-rhizom sprawls wild through un/wanted relationships.

  • Galerie Funke, Ovartestisimilar, Raum 1, Ins A Kromminga


    Die Galerie Funke ist stolz, mit OVARTESTISIMILAR die erste Einzelausstellung mit Zeichnungen und Wandinstallationen von INS A KROMMINGA in Berlin zu präsentieren.

  • Sketch of wall drawing and overall form

    Step by step – Installation

    This is an example of how my installation process works. Shown here is the piece “The Myth of Two Sexes” in the exhibition “Gewoon anders – Just Different” at the Cobra Museum in Amsterdam – Amstelveen, NL 2008

  • ZWiTtER (101intersex - NGBK Berlin)

    Wall drawing – Wandzeichnung

    When presenting my work I like to utilise the provided wall space as an extension of the work, treating the found situation as a drawing in itself, turning the space into my material. The individual works on paper are samples or modules in a larger composition and by endless variations of combining them in relation […]

  • Concerning Irregular Figures (Installation view excerpt)

    Über Regelwidrige Figuren – Concerning Irregular Figures

    Der Titel der Ausstellung ist dem Buch “Flächenland” von Edwin Abbott Abbott aus dem Jahr 1884 entnommen, der im gleichnamigen Kapitel vom Umgang mit den normabweichenden Körpern der Flächenlandwelt spricht. 

  • Labor Dr. ____ Trans*_Homo

    Through the spy mirror, Ins A Kromminga and Jannik Franzen look “back” with a critical eye and set up an experimental laboratory behind the glass. They satirically attack violent practices of sexology studies, examine the pathologizing of homo, trans* and inter*, as well as hair-raising investigative practices, some with rats and guinea pigs, which have […]

  • Withdrawing the Invite (La Zona installation detail)

    Withdrawing the Invite • LA ZONA

    Withdrawing the invite Installation with paper works and wall drawing; variable dimensions 2012 “My work being process-oriented and associative, I work on several drawings at a time. This way, references and thematic leaps ensue. The subject matter is the frame in which a drawing may remain open like a sketch; a frame which contains illustratory […]