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  • What it says about us ...

    Gewalt & Geschlecht – Violence & Sex/Gender

    • Sometimes it is enough to look for newspaper headlines to find evidence of the interrelation of sex/gender and violence. Either in the public view when someone is crossing a normative line in behavior or gender expression, or by consequenses of the acts by the gender police (anyone who feels obliged to interpret other peoples […]

  • Genital Accessoires (Prader Series)

    Body Parts and the invention of Sex (difference)

    Certain body parts and their specific funtionality are loaded with cultural meaning.

  • Labor Dr. ____ Trans*_Homo

    Through the spy mirror, Ins A Kromminga and Jannik Franzen look “back” with a critical eye and set up an experimental laboratory behind the glass. They satirically attack violent practices of sexology studies, examine the pathologizing of homo, trans* and inter*, as well as hair-raising investigative practices, some with rats and guinea pigs, which have […]