Redefining Difference

The topics in my work stem from my personal experiences as an intersex person. Both the history of otherness and political activism inform my practice.

Mutants, Monsters, Freaks and Misfits are incorporating the fears of a norm-constrained culture and represent the boundaries of the acceptable – reflecting the face of the regulators who made them.

The expansive visual and conceptual material of transgression becomes part of my vocabulary and meets the agendas and ideas of social and queer politics and human rights issues.

The interconnection of scale variations of the small sized works and their clustering within the wall filling drawing respond to my expectation of reading apparently personal or private issues within a social context and thus to allways understand them as politically relevant.

I am intersex

Since 2000 I have been also an intersex activist – out of the necessity and in addition to creating art that relates to the larger questions that arise when dealing with human rights violations and cultural erasure and stigmatisation of people who are born with variations of sex characteristics.

Support intersex activism

You can find out more about intersex issues and human rights through the following advocacy groups: OII Germany and OII Europe (OII stands for the Organisation Intersex International – formed in 2003 – a global network of intersex activists and individuals)



Animations of my drawings by the congenial Ricardo Kump https://ricardokump.com/ for the documentary „ENTRE DEUX SEXES“