New Website launched

When you read this, I welcome you to my new website.

Past Abject website

I will be adding more works to this site within the next weeks, also transferring some of the older works from my last website which for now is still available under

You will be able to browse my work by categories and by keyword search or title, for example to look for installations you can view under Works → Installation which leads to portfolios that focus on installations. New Categories (or topics) will be coming up or being filled with more content by time.

Please wander around and explore, and let me know what you think.


One comment on “New Website launched”

  1. Miss Led sagt:

    The circle broadens when we unclasp our hands to make room for the next soul to enter when the circle is large enough there will only be what’s inside!
    and I don’t read German but I want to follow via e-mail xoxo Led

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